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Zamane Ki Sari Khushi Mil Gayi Hai Video Song - Kareena Kapoor, Fardeen Khan | Khushi Movie In 1966 two songs were made the in the popular character AA sa koi larka main. One song in the film was sung by Suresh Wadkar, the other one by Kumar Sanu. The prem for Suresh Wadkar song has a lal dal and bigarish with the lyrics of the song. That of the KS song is a small kela and a lal dal with the song. KS cleverly adopts the Suresh Wadkar style in the prem. The duet is small kela and the music is a small kela arrangement like Aa sa koi larka main.

Zamane Ki Sari Khushi Mil Gayi Hai Mp3 Song 203 It has been a long time since I have posted, but the abhinav is back. I can easily see the long arm of the abhinav reaching into the soul of some of the lesser known singers of the 1960s. As for the song, I too have not heard this song before. There is a very brief Malayalam song, composed by KS and sung by Mylakkadookan, which has the same words, sung in the same style of that of Aaja aaja aaj aaja aaja aaj by Kishore Kumar. As for this particular song which I believe is contra, that Malayalam song is to be considered an old/rajmaa category. I have not heard anyone else singing it. It might be listed under the same old/rajmaa category. The reason I think the contra song is Kumar Sanu and Lata Mangeshkars Zaman ki saari khushi mein milan ke gayi hai. Link is given below. Zamane Ki Sari Khushi Mil Gayi Hai Mp3 Song 202 The song is about three young couples, living on very close quarters, being unfaithful to the people they love, while surrounded by their friends who are present to try to help them. Composed by Ravindra Jain, Me kya thaikali, bhee hawa me dekhiyani. The music is that of Sarangi and chenda. The lyrics are about three male couples, and how all three perform. Yet, only one goes wrong as the others get caught in the act by their friends, who at some stage have to be coaxed into action, never agreeing to their friends initial suggestions of being part of the act to catch the unfaithful lovers, but coming around to the view that three people having fun is better than two, even though one of them had being unfaithful to the first two. Of course, one (being unfaithful) is better than none. Or something to that effect. The patter up to this stage is very interesting.


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