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Find Your Tribe

Be apart of a network of like minded Black Women. Together we are better.

Black Women Connect

Black Women Connect is a network of Black Women Entrepreneurs that uplift, support and encourage one another in the world of Entrepreneurship. This network  is all about showing up for one another and helping each other to level up with the resources we have and the connections we have been able to form. 

Teens to Queens

Teens to Queens is a mentorship program for young Black girls. Providing support and mentorship as they come of age. Equipping them with the tools and knowledge to become self sustaining, successful Black Women. 

The Black Mom's Club

The Black Moms Club, is a club for Black Single Mothers that are looking to expand their network and their net worth. It is a mom support group as well as a space to learn how to turn your passions/gifts into money making vehicles while independently raising amazing humans. 

Behind the Boss

Behind The Boss is a mentorship program for Black Women who are just getting started in the world of entrepreneurship. Behind every successful Boss is an amazing mentor. In this program we pair seasoned successful entrepreneurs with new business owners, helping them to grow their business and their mindset of one that will lead them to achieve their greatest goals. 

Brown Photographic Beauty Retail Website.png
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