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These problems have not received the attention they deserve, especially the lack of capacity within institutions of higher education to educate enough nurses. This report examines factors behind the current nursing shortage and discusses why nursing is a crucial occupation for improving health, economic security, and racial equity in this country. It also explores the problems inhibiting higher education from educating more nurses and inhibiting more cohesive management of nursing shortages.

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COVID-19 has strained the health care system to its seams, and nurses have borne much of that pressure. Remarkably, amid a vast increase in the number of patients, employment levels for registered nurses declined by 3 percent between 2020 and 2021, the largest decline in at least 20 years.8 Chief nursing officers have consistently reported staffing as their greatest challenge throughout the pandemic, with vacancy rates as high as 30 percent.9 The American Nurses Association has urged the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to declare the nursing shortage a national crisis.10

Yet as evidenced by calls to address nursing shortages throughout the 20th century, supply was often still not sufficient to meet demand.29 Pay and working conditions have often been factors, as have major historical events. For example, during World War II, 25 percent of civilian nurses joined military efforts, creating extreme shortages in domestic health care settings.30

Nursing shortages have a significant impact on patient outcomes. Fewer nurses means that each nurse must care for more patients, which can lead to errors and reduced ability to monitor patients; conversely, adequate staffing levels can result in reduced mortality, shorter hospital stays, and reduced incidence of adverse patient events such as infection.35 These improved patient outcomes also bring significant cost savings to health care institutions and taxpayers.36

ADN and BSN programs prepare nurses with technical skills to work at the bedside, but BSN nurses have more opportunities for advancing into management roles, pursuing graduate education, and developing a nursing specialty. As such, there is a wage disparity: In 2021, the average wage of a registered nurse with an ADN was about $60,000, while the average wage of an RN with a BSN was approximately $73,000.48

Other conditions also affect the pipeline into teaching.71 There are not enough nurses with doctoral degrees to meet the demand for faculty, and even within doctoral programs, students may not get adequate preparation for faculty careers. More nurses are pursuing practice-focused doctor of nursing practice programs rather than teaching- and research-focused programs that offer a doctor of philosophy in nursing.72 Similarly, there are more career options for nurses today due to the growth in nurse specialties and opportunities in the private sector,73 which may draw away some of the nurses who in the past may have considered teaching.74

Retaining nursing faculty is also challenging.75 Because nursing faculty typically work in the field before starting teaching careers, they are older when they become faculty and thus tend to have shorter teaching careers; waves of retirements exacerbate the educator shortage. In addition, nursing faculty report low satisfaction with their jobs, citing not just low pay but also the heavy workloads that come with teaching, research, publishing, maintaining clinical licensure, and earning tenure and promotion.76

It is also important to look at clinical sites as an aspect of equity in training nurses, to ensure that students from under-resourced institutions, such as community colleges, have access to the clinical sites that will prepare them best for their future work with diverse patient populations.

The heightened nursing shortage during the pandemic spurred a wave of nursing program expansions, and to take on more students, colleges and universities have had to construct new buildings for nursing and other health sciences programs. Recent capital projects have been funded by voter-approved bonds,89 state legislatures,90 private donations,91 and partnerships with health systems.92 The variety in funding strategies among these examples alone warrants attention for identifying the most effective models through which to fund and scale improvements to college nursing facilities.

If policymakers at all levels think more ambitiously about solving the nursing shortage and improving racial equity, more workers will have equitable access to a high-quality, well-paid profession; more patients will have equitable access to high-quality nursing services; and a healthier population will have better educational and life outcomes and be able to build stronger communities.

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Same-day registration (SDR) complements AVR, allowing eligible citizens to register and vote on the same day. It is particularly useful to people who have not interacted with government agencies or whose information has changed since they last did so. And because it allows eligible Americans to vote even if their names are not on the voter rolls, SDR safeguards against improper purges, registration system errors, and cybersecurity attacks. 041b061a72


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