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Our Rightful Place

Our Rightful Place (ORP) is the epicenter of Leadership, Black Womanhood, Consciousness & Sisterhood.

Who are we?!

We are devoted to ensuring that Black Women and those that love US are equipped with the tools to tap into our power within and collectively to navigate systems that have been traumatizing and harmful to our existence. We ARE Black Women, who lead, advocate and change the world for the better through Community Building, Relationahip Building, Engagement, Advocacy, Policy and Practice Change, & Political, Economic, and Social Justice.

What we offer: Our Rightful Place offers Strategic Planning, Leadership Coaching, Event Planning, Curriculum Development, Curation of Events, Program Creation & Coordination Facilitation and Community.

We are also home of the Sacramento Sister Circle, an organization under the umbrella of ORP. With a membership of 9,000+, it is a network for Black Women to come together for positive dialogue, sharing our stories, building strong relationships, and creating an open and safe space for us to become better leaders, mothers, allies, friends, and WOMEN.

What we provide

Our Rightful Place offers:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Event Planning, Curriculum Development

  • Curation of Events

  • Program Creation & Coordination Facilitation

  • Community

Meet our founder

Throughout my career, I have dedicated efforts toward the advancement of Black Women & Girls, Youth Leadership Development, Reproductive Justice, Dismantling Oppression, Prison Industrial Complex and Social Justice, that include curriculum and program design; creating intentional spaces that build bridges; and networking through partnership development. Through my 25 years of working in the non-profit sector, I am proud of my role in facilitating and identifying gaps to create programs that provide political education, leadership development, opportunities and resources to enrich leaders that can advocate for themselves and others. In 1998, I was inspired to create a network for Black Women to come together for positive dialogues and action. I imagined creating a safe space for Black Women & Girls to become stronger leaders, creating sisterhood through the experiences of sharing stories, and building meaningful relationships. That vision began surfacing in 2009, when I founded Our Rightful Place. From there, the Sacramento Sister Circle (SSC) was established; and continues to grow; both in member numbers, and in impact. In 2019, SSC reached an active online membership of 8,000+ women, and continues to encompass holistic health, wealth building, expanding our horizons, acquisition of knowledge, mentorship, and political engagement.

Connect with Our Rightful Place

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