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Grow your email list

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

How to grow your email list

The importance of an email list is simple. TO STAY CONNECTED TO YOUR CUSTOMERS. What if social media goes away? How will you market to your audience? Collecting emails is your best method of staying in business besides word of mouth and referrals. "It's not just about growing your followers, its about growing your network." So here's the tea on how to grow your email list.

Give them a reason to subscribe.

Why do you enter in your email address? Most of the time because you are getting something out of it. So be sure to give value.

Leverage your connections and make more money.

Here's how to grow your email list in four simple steps.

  1. Offer Freebies

  2. Include Signs Up Forms on your website and social media links

  3. Create unique email content

  4. Create a Referral Program

Why these four gems work if applied...

Who can resist a freebie? Include the disclaimer, that in order to access the freebie they must submit their email.

When potential customers visit your website and or other social media platforms give them the opportunity to further connect with you by submitting their email.

With quality email content your unsubscriber rating should remain minimal therefore, low turnover and your list continues to grow.

Have your customers tell their friends!! The more the merrier. If your referred friend gives me their email you get….

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